class HolyDeveloper implements abstract type Jesus

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Wait, what? Why is there "holy" in the name?!

Yes, in what we're doing there is some connection to God.
God - that amazing designer of this world. That crazy intelligent power out there. That master developer who did set up this environment we’re living in. That hardware/software architect with such a full stack of technologies!


At first glance, Jesus feels like an abstract type - a guy who lived 2000 years ago. But if you read about his lifestyle, you realize that he was living according to very high standards - let’s call that holy.

What if Jesus would have been a developer?

Jesus would not...

  • ... sell your data
  • ... trick you into his business
  • ... give quick & dirty fixes

Jesus would...

  • ... give everything away freely
  • ... train people & share his skills
  • ... care for people & treat them well

What we do and why that could be interesting for you

We want to live such a lifestyle like Jesus. And if you want that as well you can ask us for mentoring! If you're unsure, ask your questions.

We develop some hopefully helpful stuff - check out our projects, you're welcome to contribute!


This website is work in progress. Ideas and feedback welcome!