2021-12: Next development steps

By Samuel, 5 December, 2021

Since #Hack2021 good stuff is happening: A number of people messaged that they like the vision of HolyDevelopers and would be happy to contribute somehow. Also there is progress in our different projects. I want to give an overview over the next steps and hope that everyone will find the right place to work on and that good teams emerge for the different projects.

Mobile-friendly design for www.4training.net

Many users of the website only have mobile devices, so a new design is overdue. You can see the progress on our work on a new mediawiki Skin for that here:


Repository: https://github.com/4training/mediawiki-skins-ForTrainingNG

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Mustache, some PHP

pywikitools: Improving code quality and new functionality

This project is key to keep up with the growth of www.4training.net: We work on writing scripts (mediawiki language: "bots") that automate different tasks on the website. Recently I improved the code quality of the "resourcesbot" significantly. Next steps are defining an interface for plugins that should run after the resourcesbot determined which changes (new translations, added worksheets) happened since the day before. Also we want to continue to improve the code quality and add tests that will be run automatically for new code contributions. In this project there is a variety of smaller and medium tasks where any contribution is warmly welcomed! Check also the issues and look for "good first tasks".

Repository: https://github.com/4training/pywikitools

Technologies: Python, Testing, CI/CD

Flutter mobile app for 4training.net

We'll base all mobile development on dart/flutter. We would like to have a mobile app for 4training.net that works offline and synchronizes the resources regularly. That way a user can select the languages they're interested in and will always have all the current versions on his mobile phone, including PDF files which can be printed or shared with maximum flexibility.

There is now a first alpha of how this could look like :-)
We're looking for more contributors to work on this - I dream of shipping this in 2022.

Repository: https://github.com/tscheckie/4training

Technologies: dart/flutter

Drupal: Code for this website available on github

Repository: https://github.com/HolyDevelopers/holydevelopers.net

There you find also some next steps. Particularly we want to give you the option to subscribe to topics and get automatic notifications on new posts containing a tag you're interested. Besides, I plan to migrate another website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.



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