By Samuel, 15 June, 2023

In February, we finished a big milestone for the backend of It was a lot of work and in the end there was no change visible from the outward - probably normal for backend work ;-)

But under the hood we could change some important parts of the architecture. With them in place we’re ready for the next development steps! Here’s what happened:

By Samuel, 14 October, 2022
14.-15. October 2022, hybrid (Zoom / Berlin / different locations)
As people with different gifts we want to work together for half a weekend - translators, developers, designers, "normal" people with a heart for technology and Jesus. We'll mainly work on all different areas of the project but other projects are welcome as well! For the weekend, we'll define specific challenges and next steps. Everybody can work in the area he has experience in - connected with others working on similar things so it's more fun, we can help each other and celebrate all progress!
By Samuel, 20 February, 2022

Currently I'm working on improving the quality of our Python tools and setting up a good architecture so that the next planned features and automation scripts can fit in well. Now an important step is done using GitHub Actions: Automatic testing on every push to the repository and for every pull request. That helps a lot to avoid regressions: New features should of course not break existing functionality.

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