Get involved

Our vision needs many people working together and contributing their gifts. We appreciate if you take a moment and think about the question:

What gifts could I contribute to the HolyDevelopers vision?

Contributing skills and time

Do you have special skills that you use in your professional work? Have you asked God where He could use your skills for the benefit of others as well?

Especially if you're like "Well I think I do a good job in my work. But when I go to church nobody understands what I'm doing, my skills are not needed there", then start thinking about that question! We're convinced that there is more to your specific skills than just converting them into money in your job. You can look through the projects. For some we have the current issues publically available, for other we're not yet there but you can ask us for a access to our project management system. We need people with a wide variety of talents!

Spread the word

Do you know other people that could fit into our vision? Share our vision with them and give them our website! Yes there is some truth that there is a connection between nerdiness and less social interaction with other people... So developers are sometimes not that well connected to each other and may need a friend to point them to other people who also have a passion for Jesus and for technology.

Try out the stuff we're developing like the app, share the resources from, tell us your feedback and ideas!

Donating money

Finances will help a lot in moving forward the HolyDevelopers vision. Often people are not able to donate their time, especially if it's more than a few hours - and the worker deserves his wages.
Currently it is possible to donate for HolyDevelopers via a German NGO. For Germans the donations are tax-deductible. Ask us for details.