Going public with app development

By Samuel, 15 September, 2023

App screenshotThe work of the last months is getting visible: Version 0.2 of the app is finished and I just moved all source code to our github organizational page - check out the app4training repository!

It is written in dart/flutter and still in early stages but has reached now some first maturity:

  • core functionality and main settings are functional
  • solid architecture using riverpod for state management
  • essential code quality standards met and ensured via Github Action including linter, tests and coverage (fun fact: we're starting with exactly 50.00% coverage in this repo)
  • catchy name: app4training (our name "4training" caused some headaches because that's neither a valid dart identifier nor a valid Android application ID...)

There's still a lot to do in all areas, but it's exciting that all the work is getting more and more visible and we can work on the app during the hackathon. I'm confident we can release a first version to the Play Store before the end of the year. Check it out, give your feedback or even better: contribute with skills!


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