#HACK2022 - for developers, translators and supporters

By Samuel, 14 October, 2022

14.-15. October 2022, hybrid (Zoom / Berlin / different locations)

As people with different gifts we want to work together for half a weekend - translators, developers, designers, "normal" people with a heart for technology and Jesus. We'll mainly work on all different areas of the 4training.net project but other projects are welcome as well! For the weekend, we'll define specific challenges and next steps. Everybody can work in the area he has experience in - connected with others working on similar things so it's more fun, we can help each other and celebrate all progress!


Times are German time (GMT+2)

Friday, 14 October 2022

  • 7.30pm Opening call: Jesus' perspective on us as His body, each of us with different gifts and how He connects us. The story behind 4training.net and HolyDevelopers. More stories of people using the fruits of them wherever they are and how that produces more fruits.
    Connecting with each other and with Jesus.
    Some updates of what happened in the last months. Our plans for this weekend: who will be working on what. Plans and ideas for the next months.
  • 9pm: Project working time starts. More questions, brainstorming and support for those who don't know yet what to do.

Saturday 15 October 2022

  • 9.00-9.30am Good morning: prayer, checking in
  • project work
  • 2.00-2.30pm "Half time": getting together, sharing our progress, finding the right help, planning the rest of the time, ...
  • project work
  • 9.00pm Finish: presentations and celebration
  • 9.30pm Evening lounge: hang out together


Why the name #HACK? Can I join even if a hackathon doesn't speak to me?

We're part of #HACK2022 - a global hackathon to bring the gospel where it needs to go. But this year we'll focus a lot on translations and all other areas of 4training.net as well, so no worries, you're right here!

Where will the weekend take place?

This will be a hybrid event. You can participate online: all sessions in the schedule will be on zoom. But wherever possible, we'll gather also locally. There will be a place in Berlin to work together and likely in some more cities. So if you know at least one more person in your area: Find a place and join together, it'll be more fun!

I'd love to do something, but I don't really know where and what I can contribute. What should I do?

Register and write about yourself: the gifts you can contribute, what's on your heart... Make a comment and we'll approach you to talk about the different options. We believe that the weekend will be most fun and fruitful if we can organize the different tasks and teams already before. We'll try our best to make that happen!

Does the hackathon cost anything?

No. Just your time and passion :)

Can I join even if I'm not from Germany?

Sure, you're welcome! We'll keep everything in English.



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