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A website with training resources on following the example of Jesus in more than 40 languages.

  • Overcoming language barriers in outreach and discipleship
  • Simple worksheets which are high quality and easy to multiply
  • Everything of course copyright-free (CC0)

Do you want to teach someone the basics on how to hear from God? Or how to start reading the Bible? Or how to forgive and get free from wounds of the past? And not just some lengthy theory, but one concise lesson that directly leads into the application? And have a quality translation into their native language which happens to be Polish, Czech, German, Arabic, Kyrgyz or Albanian?

Sure. Just go to the website, download the PDFs and off you go.

Many volunteers

Dozens of people have already contributed to this vision: Many translators (all volunteers!), feedbackers and some developers. The pandemic brought a big boost for the project. But that also resulted in different bottlenecks surfacing. We need more help with development to be able to provide a good technical basis for so many languages, translators and users.


The website runs with mediawiki (the software that also powers wikipedia, written in PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript) together with the Translate extension - a great technical basis for this big vision. MediaWiki has a good API which can be used for automation with "Bots". We use the pywikibot framework to develop helpful tools in Python.

The next big step we're working on is developing an app with dart/flutter to provide easy and offline access to all the resources on smartphones.

Besides, there is a number of more wishes and next steps in very different areas from the mediawiki system over Python tools to user experience and design. See the roadmap for a rough overview - some goals are currently being worked on, others are still waiting for someone with the right skills to show up and offer help. For example we would like to have a new skin to finally have a mobile-friendly design for the whole website. We plan to use the new mediawiki skin development techniques based on mustache templates.

Repositories: has several repositories:


Help is appreciated in many different areas: frontend design, dart/flutter, PHP, Python development (also some tasks for beginners). Also we're looking for people who could help with some editing and maintenance tasks (no special development skills necessary!)