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Just as we humans reproduce and can have children who can again have children, a healthy church should also multiply and have "child churches". When such a child church matures, it can also multiply and produce child churches. When you draw an overview of what happens, you get a tree:

Genmapper example: generations of groups and churches
The basic idea of a tree of groups / churches

This project is inspired by the first genmapper implementation with JavaScript. This pioneer project was the first to visualize generational growth and the screenshot is taken from it.

Now we want to go a next step to improve usability and in the future be able to provide native mobile apps.


  • Completely open source (AGPL)
  • No central data storage: all data stays on your device and is never transmitted. That comes with some cost though when you're using it together with others: If you want to put together several church trees, you need to manually export and import them. We decide for the best possible security over user-friendliness here.
  • No tracking, no third party libraries, nothing


  • Helpful for any (house) church or group for evaluation: Any group that wants to take the time for evaluation can use the app and then say β€œThat was helpful and God spoke about the next steps for us. If we evaluate again next year, we'll use it again.”

  • Network leaders can get a healthy apostolic overview and understand better what's going on and how they should lead

  • Giving vision and understanding of the rather abstract concept of multiplication becomes easier


With dart and flutter: Modern architecture for effective development that can easily be deployed to all platforms: web, mobile and desktop.

Development is on hold already for a longer while. We hope to resume working on that vision towards the end of 2024 / in 2025. We're looking for supporters and stakeholders - message us if that vision speaks to you.